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Christina Rene Hendricks Bio

Christina Rene Hendricks is an actress from Knoxville, Tennessee. She is known for her roles in the TV series “Mad Men” and “Firefly”. Hendricks has been credited for having the perfect measurements that a woman should have. One critic mentioned that her role as “Joan” redefined beauty on television and what the ideal figure should look like; therefore, she is often compared to Marilyn Monroe on the media. She has recently been named “Best looking Woman in America” by esquire magazine.

A new study indicated that 12{b683bba2e21a8a7e8ad068cc78432caf35f74da4b6f56c7cd3a0f84c7f107dae} of British women who underwent plastic surgery to enhance their breast size did so influenced by their desire to look like Cristina. Although she is naturally a blonde, she colors her hair red because she was inspired by the book “Anne of Green Gables”. In 2009, she married actor Geoffrey Arend. She has mentioned being madly in love with her husband in a recent interview. She has recently received media attention for the eccentric outfits that she has been seen wearing. She received much criticism for a particular dress that she wore recently which looks like a cape according to her critics.


Christina Hendricks Measurements, Height, Weight, Bra Size, Age, Wiki, Affairs

Christina Hendricks Height in centimeter (cm)

171 cm

Christina Hendricks Height in Inch

67.32 inch

Hendricks Height in feet

5.610 foot , 5 feet 6 inches

Christina Hendricks Weight

154 lbs – 70 kg

Christina Hendricks Measurement / figure size


Christina Hendricks Bra Size/Breast Size


Christina Hendricks Affairs / Boyfriend

Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks Upcoming Movies/Film

No Upcoming Movies

Christina Hendricks Birthday Date

May 3, 1975

Christina Hendricks Age in 2013

37 Years

Christina Hendricks Eye Color



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  1. Her waist of 30 inches doesn’t seem too different from her ribcage, and the bust measurement is 38, which would give the talented Christina Hendricks a bra size of 30H.

    • Of course, that’s in American sizes. For readers in the UK, that translates to a 30FF.


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